RFQorganizer.com is a web based tool for you who wish to send RFQs and receive and the quotes in one single system. Take control over your sourcing process with our eRFQ solution!


With our simple to use website you can compile a professional RFQ within a few minutes and send it out to suppliers of your own choice. When you click “send RFQ” your suppliers will receive an email notification to login to our website and reply to your eRFQ. Once you as buyer receive a quote, you will receive an email informing you that you have received new bids, and you can login and view the bids. The bid view is easy to overview, all bids sorted under each RFQ. The quotations are easy to compare, a table with all quoted prices available for you as buyer for smooth comparison.


Both you as buyer and your suppliers can attach files such as drawings, terms and conditions, etc. to the RFQs and quotations, making the system perfect for professional buyers who source parts according to certain specifications, drawings or conditions.


The RFQs can only be viewed by suppliers invited by the buyer, and each supplier can only view its own quotes.


Best of all: RFQorganizer.com is a FREE tool both for the buyer and the suppliers!


We are also offering different premium solutions and customizations (not for free) of this system for companies who for example want to embed this tool into their own websites. Read more about how we can support your sourcing processes with tailormade eRFQ solutions!


Main features of our free services:

- No limit on the number of RFQs you can send

- No limit on the number of suppliers you can invite

- No limit on the number of quotes you can receive

- Attachment of files both to RFQs and quotes possible

- Email notification when RFQs and quotes received

- Comparison tables of quotes generated automatically

- You can award, cancel and change answer deadlines

- History overview of the actions related to the RFQ available



Make your RFQ process easy to handle:

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